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Children's fairy poetry sent to us by visitors to our web sites


One nice Summer day in August, everyone was out and gone,
Save for Keirsten and her Ganjin, who had stayed at home alone.

They were sitting at the table, both enjoying Fairy Tea,
After washing up the teaset, gently, oh so carefully.

In the pan of soft warm water, they so gently washed each cup.
Keirsten did the careful washing; Ganjin did the drying up.

Tiny muffins, crumpets, teacakes, set upon the table there
All beside the steaming teapot--Oh, what tasty Fairy fare!

Fairy Tea has its own magic, for out never does run out,
And the flavor you imagine will come streaming from the spout.

So each person at the table conjures up her favorite kind;
Lemon, thimbleberry, moonbeam--what the drinker has in mind.

And you never spill it on you, even if you drop your cup;
Its enchantment keeps it safely; you just reach and pick it up.

And the pot stays warm forever, until washed and put away;
It will last the longest teatime, for an hour or a day.

So they sat there sipping, pouring, tasting different kinds of tea,
When they heard a noise above them, a soft humming like a bee.

And then Keirsten looked up, listening, hearing hums of Fairy flight;
Then she reached up, caught one gently, put it safely out of sight.

In the sugarbowl it rested, lying softly in the sweet
As she reached for several others, placed them gently on their feet

On the cakeplate, where they sampled tender crumbs of cake and pie,
While she kept on catching fairies, as they kept on floating by.

Some she put in cups and saucers, and a few she hid away
In the creamer, where they frolicked, swimming, giggling in their play.

In the teapot went a dozen, with the cover, softly laid,
And they yawned and stretched and nestled, as the light began to fade.

Keirsten made the Fairies welcome, with a place to spend the night,
With a lot of downy pillows, cushions, blankets softest white.

Then she laid some bits of paper all across the cups and bowls,
So they'd all be safe and comfy, air-conditioned by the holes.

Keirsten worked her childhood's magic, as the night grew soft and deep;
And she leaned down close and whispered, "You'll be safe here; go to sleep."

But somewhere a Fairy poacher tracked there whereabouts to there,
And he took a Bumbletaxi, coming buzzing through the air.

For it's a fact, and we all know, that poachers cannot fly,
And they cannot catch a Fairy, when they're soaring through the sky.

So he had to catch them sleeping, but he could not find their nest.
They surround themselves with magic, when they lay them down to rest.

He'd been sent to find some Fairies, for a circus far away.
He meant to catch some, and be gone, before the break of day.

But he'd been a long time traveling, and was hungry from his flight,
So he sat down on the table, and ate everything in sight.

Crumpets, muffins, little cupcakes, all the sandwiches cut small;
Jam and cream and scones and teacakes--he sat there and ate it all.

Then he reached for that small teapot, tried to pour himself a cup;
But he couldn't make the tea pour; Magic had the spout stopped up.

So he peeked down in the teapot, and he saw them lying there;
And he squeezed into the teaspout, so's to catch them unaware.

But those crumpets, scones, and teacakes made his tiny self too wide,
And he woke them with his shouting, as he tried to squeeze inside.

He was stuck, and could not move, and thus was trapped inside the spout.
He was dangling, just above them, though his feet were hanging out.

And his little face grew redder, from his being stuck so tight;
So the Fairies all took pity, and they freed him fro his plight.

Then the poacher was SO sorry, and he swore to mend his ways.
Now he's poaching eggs at Denny's, and he's making Hollandaise.

As for Keirsten and her Ganjin, they still hostess Fairy Tea;
People come and sit, and visit, but the only ones who SEE

Are those who believe in Magic, and that dreams, indeed, come true.
You're invited ANY teatime. And we all BELIEVE--Do YOU?

With special thanks to Rachel
Copyright © 2004 Fairies World®

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